activeXML Element documentation - parameter


These elements come inside an action element, and each one describes one of the action's parameters. They can contain a literal value, or refer to a variable (including the output from the last stage (often referred to as 'running output')).


Name Contents Explanation
index integer >=1 This specifies which parameter this is. Starts at 1.
type text This takes one of the following values:
  • literal: A value specified in the code, such as a defined string or value.
  • variable: A variable, the value of which can be changed by the function.
  • output: The running output.
  • none: Nothing. This should be used when a function would normally change the value of a variable, but you don't need to store it anywhere.
value text What this means depends on the value of type:
  • literal: The value to use as the literal.
  • variable: The name of the variable to use (note - variables are created on demand).
  • output: Ignored, but must be present.
  • none: Ignored, but must be present.


This should have no contents.