activeXML Security Levels

Every activeXML action has a 'security level' rating, which is a measure of how dangerous the action is. For example, assigning a value to a variable has a rating of 1, whereas deleting a file has a rating of 5. Each program's header contains the security level required to run the program, and when it is started the user is asked whether they want to grant the program permission to run. If it tries to call an action above its security level, it will fail. Here is a list of what each security level is considered to represent:

  1. harmless: e.g. variable operations
  2. possible inconvenience: e.g. displaying a message box
  3. no permanent change: e.g. reading files, network communications
  4. capable of permanent changes, but no serious damage: e.g. creating new files, but not changing ones already in place
  5. capable of causing serious damage: e.g. deleting files, changing the registry